Gorgeous and Elegant Wedding of Paul and Amity at College of Physicians

September 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

The ceremony was scheduled for 6 pm. My watch was already showing quarter after six. It's not unusual that wedding ceremonies are late. We (photographers) were standing in the small, but charming, College of Physicians garden that’s enclosed on all four sides, waiting for the bride and groom. All 170 guests were in anticipation - there were laughter and jokes about the runaway bride. Of course, they were kidding, anyone who has seen Paul and Amity would instantly see how in love they are with each other. 
From last years engagement photo session that took place in New Hope PA, we knew, working at their wedding would be a pleasure. 
Both Amity and Paul compliment each other so perfectly and effortlessly. 
When the ceremony started, all guests were so excited. It was even a little tricky to photograph with a handful of phones, tablets and small cameras in the isle. But we understand them - Amity looked so elegant and beautiful standing next to Paul. No one would event know that couple hours prior they were on a rooftop of Cira Center were super high winds were blowing away everything and everyone (including hair and dresses). However, those crazy winds helped us make some pretty awesome action packed photos!
And we have to say a few words aboutCollege of Physicians. We have seen plenty of great venues. But this place was so unique - fantastic grand staircase, gorgeous ballroom with tall windows and Mutter Museum to entertain guests. We definitely would love to work there again!
Paul and Amity, it was a tremendous pleasure working with you! We wish you 100 happy years of marriage together!!! 

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WOW - it is gorgeous!! Beautiful pictures!!!!
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